The second performance of The Exchange was at 28 April 2002, 9:00pm, Baggage Reclaim @ The 12 Bar Club, London.

An interactive DVD [see a still] of the piece, compiling material shot at six different locations is available on application. Full details of the performance are included.

The performers on this occasion were:

richard sanderson the Baggage Reclaim MC

giles perring @ baggage reclaim, london, UK - guitar, sound manipulation is a founder member of ECHO CITY. He produces recorded music in the band UNMEN and plays guitar in YA BASTA and ONEKINGPOETS.

guy evans & julia farrington @ the union chapel, london, UK - baliphone and flute. guy evans is a sonic warrior, long standing drummer in VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR and founder member of ECHO CITY. julia farrington is a multi instrumentalist in ECHO CITY, but, notably, also a very fine improvising flautist.

paddy perring @ tufnell park, london, UK - fiddle is an alumni of MEITHIAL CHEIOL, north london's noted irish music school and is a bass player too.

peter hammill @ bath, UK - voice is a singer, guitarist, pianist and composer who has produced a substantial body of work both as a solo performer and with VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR

john cayley @ a canoe on the river thames, london, UK -spoken word is a translator and poet and recent winner of the ELECTRONIC LITERATURE ORGANISATION'S AWARD FOR POETRY.

joe wilton @ peebles, scotland - bagpipes general practitioner and master of highland, northumbrian and english pipes

tom day @ kuala lumpur, malaysia - home made trumpet london's newest trumpet talent recently returned from touring in lithuania.

paul mackie @ edinburgh - voice is aka paul research, a guitarist and singer, he began his musical career in edinburgh cult band, THE SCARS

nick cash @ ealing, london - the sounds of loveday road is one half of of the cult band UNMEN, having previously played drums in THE LINES, PRAGVEC and FAD GADGET.

carol grimes @ battersea arts centre, london - voice sings and sings and sings and sings and sings…………

ros perring @ kuala lumpur, malaysia - tin whistle is one of london's up and coming wind players, a semi finalist in this year's national schools chamber music competition, equally at home on alto sax, recorders [of all sizes] and tin whistle

angela elliot @ paddington station, london, UK - voice is a violinist, improvising singer, and teacher. her vocal skills can be enjoyed in the london based vocal big band THE SHOUT, NEW LONDON JAZZ VOICES and drum'n'bass outfit CHALK HILL.

alan wilkinson @ stoke newington, london - voice is a saxophonixt extraordinaire, known for his solo performances and his playing in HESSIAN, WILKINSON & FELL, and YA BASTA.

ivor kallin @ clapton, london - violin and voice is the bass noise behind such utter combos as YA BASTA, THE HERE SHITE REPORT and LEGO [london electric guitar orchestra]

chris kerridge @ cheltenham, UK - guitar is one of britain's great unsung guitarists, he was one quarter of THE LIFE OF RILEY [not be confused with any other life of rileys], a cornish band whose exploits have passed into legend.

ginny clee @ tufnell park , london- voice is a singer and song writer of hugeness whose work is most recently represented in her band THE DEAR JANES &endash; check them out, really.

rick chew and cheryl pickering @ malvern, worcestershire &endash; piano and voice rick chew is a composer, tenor and pianist. he has written for opera and THE SHOUT. cheryl pickering is is a mezzo-soprano from adelaide, south australia. She has sung in opera, oratorio and comtemporary music and is a member of the vocal big band THE SHOUT