For the third performance of The Exchange at Modern Art Oxford, Giles Perring worked with a long term collaborator, digital photographer Douglas Cape. For The Exchange, Perring built on earlier work that has involved the combination of sound, music and panoramic photography for z360, notably the internet drama 'What We Will' which he and Cape made with John Cayley.

Douglas Cape collaborated on the visual representation of the many performers who take part in a performance of The Exchange. The result was a series of portraits, which he shot in QuickTime Virtual Reality [QTVR].

Further visual material employed the technology of picture messaging. With the support of Vodafone Live the performers and artists in the show were given Sharp GX10 mobile phones, which have a simple digital camera onboard. Each participant then created an auto-biographical album of shots which were screened before and during the performance. The phone-cameras were then used live during the event to send in pictures of each performance, from its location, as it happened.

The material from this project has been assembled on the z360 site here, while a DVD of the performance, which incorporates a set of synchronous videos showing the event unfolding in its six locations can be obtained by emailing