The Exchange is the name of an ongoing series of performance and multimedia work by Giles Perring.

The Exchange combines live performance with the potential of mobile phones. It is about chance, communication, technology and emotion. In the piece, which is a strictly timed musical improvisation, one live performer on stage interacts with telephone calls from other performers and artists who can be anywhere on the planet. They call at specific moments with specific contributions. Meanwhile, other artists send images of these performers and their performances, as they happen, by phone.

Giles Perring has been exploring the piece since 2001 and this website gives coverage and extended examples from each performance, as well as details of the wide range of other performers and artists that he has involved in its various performances.

For more about the individual events in the series go to the page on performances.

Exchange collaborator John Cayley offered these notes on the piece after taking part in its first performance in 2001.